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Your Reliable San Diego Fractional Controller for Entrepreneurs

fractional controller in San DiegoWhen we launched our firm in 2012, we made it our mission to provide superior full-stack accounting services to venture-backed startups across the country. Whether you're just outlining your startup's long-term objectives or already have your business off the ground, we're here to provide the personalized financial support you deserve.

By shouldering the weight of your financial accounts, our San Diego fractional controller frees up your time to focus on what matters most: your team, your product, and your long-term strategy. Our team understands precisely what goes into building a successful startup and has guided more than 100 companies through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process. We're able to support up-and-coming startups across the United States, including in San Diego, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

We look forward to discussing how our fractional controller can help you pursue lasting financial success. Give Simplexity a call today to set up your free, no-pressure consultation with our skilled team!

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Why Does My Startup Need a Fractional Controller?

business team pointing at finance reportBalancing the day-to-day managerial tasks of your business' financial operations can be challenging, stressful, and time-consuming. If you don't have an expert on your team that understands accounting principles and software, it can be hard to keep your books organized and in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Our fractional controller in San Diego provides affordable oversight and advisory services on a part-time or contract basis. Our primary responsibilities include maintaining accurate financial reporting, interpreting your data, and keeping your executives informed of the startup's status. We diligently maintain compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal financial laws and regulations. By providing strategies to help you maintain a steady profit, we help you pursue your goals confidently and efficiently.

We'll implement an effective bookkeeping system that allows you to conveniently access and analyze your figures at a moment's notice. Additionally, we help you strengthen your controls and operating methods to reduce risk and protect your hard-earned revenue. You'll find our team to be analytical, precise, and hardworking. We carefully tailor our approach to match your needs and objectives and provide the best possible return on your investment.

How Does a Fractional Controller's Role Differ From a CFO's?

Contrary to popular belief, the role of a fractional controller is considerably different from that of a fractional chief financial officer (CFO). Depending on your startup's current status, you may benefit most from the services of an outsourced controller, CFO, or both.

A controller takes responsibility for the financial operations of the company. A controller may generate reports, create budgets, oversee compliance, shape financial tactics, and convey information to senior executives and shareholders.

A CFO provides financial forecasting, analyzes key performance indicators, analyzes records, implements budgets, and monitors your overarching financial strategies. Commonly, a fractional CFO is brought in to handle a particularly complex situation that a company does not have the expertise or personnel to resolve internally.

If you're uncertain whether a fractional controller or CFO best fits your startup's current needs, get in touch with our friendly team at Simplexity. We can help you decide whether one of our firm's San Diego fractional controllers or CFOs best matches your operating methods, objectives, and challenges..

How We Can Help

One of the most significant benefits of our part-time controller services in San Diego is that we're able to adjust our strategy to fit your specific projects and goals. Our highly experienced team has the skills necessary to provide prompt, substantial support. Some of our capabilities include:


Accurate, timely financial reports can provide you with the crucial insights and analytics you need to keep your startup on track. We'll issue financial statements, prepare annual reports, calculate operating metrics, analyze variances from your working budget, and offer analysis as needed. Our team also implements a system for managing cost reports, so you can easily access data when you need it most.

One of our primary goals is to create and maintain a documented system of bookkeeping procedures and policies. By ensuring that your business is compliant with GAAP, we help you avoid potential legal or funding problems in the future. We can also manage outsourced functions and review the work of the finance department.

Managing payments and bills is a critical component of your startup's financial health. We work diligently to ensure that accounts payable are paid on time, payroll is processed correctly, debt payments are made, and your system of controls functions as intended.

As an up-and-coming company, you don't want to run into avoidable financial troubles. We carefully check your accounts to ensure your startup's compliance with federal, state, and local reporting requirements. If your company gets selected for an audit, we can help acquire and transmit the required information to the collection agency.

Your Efficient San Diego Part-Time Controller

Whether you require assistance organizing your accounts or you want comprehensive reporting, our skilled team of fractional controllers in San Diego is ready to exceed your expectations. We look forward to exploring your passion for your line of work and are ready to provide the tools you need to enjoy financial success. Call Simplexity today to schedule your free initial consultation!

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