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We’ve partnered with the best providers to help build and scale your company alongside Simplexity

Simplexity clients get their fees waived when signing up with Brex

Brex x Simplexity

Simplexity clients get on-boarding fees waived and 20% off the first year when signing up for Carta

Carta x Simplexity

Simplexity has partnered with and recommends Clerky to help with your Startup legal needs

Visit Clerky

Simplexity clients get 10% off D&O insurance when signing up with Embroker

Embroker x Simplexity

Simplexity clients get a 20% off discount code for their policy

Visit Expensify

Simplexity clients get 15% off when using Gusto

Gusto x Simplexity

Simplexity clients receive 2 weeks free of rent!

Knotel x Simplexity

Simplexity clients get 20% off the first year when subscribing with Shoobx!

Simplexity x Shoobx

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