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The Pain We Solve.

Our monthly dashboards focus on exceptions. Those things that happen that will influence your decision making going forward. Burn rate scenarios, expense analysis and Budget vs Actual are not only highlighted but explained. These reports are perfect to facilitate leadership strategies, as well as board communication.

We are accomplished accountants and finance people but we've also been in your shoes as serial entrepreneurs and investors. We know how to look ahead (and not just backwards like most accountants) to give you the vital information you need to make informed decisions. Our team handles the accounting and finance issues so that you can focus on growth. Find out why the leading early-stage venture firms recommend Simplexity and let us help you win.

Who We Serve

Are you spending too much time and money handling your company's finance, administration and bookkeeping? Time and money that would be better served investing in your team, products and delighting your customers? Or, perhaps you are doing too little, and creating problems down the road for your next key funding, loans, or events? Speak to us!

One platform and remote team to handle all of your finance, accounting and administrative needs.

Truly one platform and remote team

We handle the accounting and finance so that founders can focus on building their companies


We have a powerful and simple platform That gives you complete visibility and control

We are proven and experienced accountants

Simple Pricing
Transparent and we grow with you

One Platform and One Team

Simplexity helps de-risk and accelerate startups by applying our Systems Science and solutions as building blocks for essential founder infrastructure; resulting in the business insights and deliverables which allow founders and their investors to sleep better at night.

We combine technology with expert staff. The Simplexity portal is your one-stop hub to access and see all of your critical finance, accounting and administrative information. Simplexity brings in content from accounting systems, bill pay, HR, business intelligence systems, expense tracking, document storage in one place. Simplexity also gives transparency on all tasks being handled by our team and provides easy communication and interaction. Our team of highly-accomplished bookkeepers, controllers, CPAs, and CFOs – works in the background to handle your company’s finances in a world-class manner.


Some of our clients


Why Our Clients Love Simplexity

This is the service I recommend the most highly out of all the services that we use because they save me the most time on finances and HR. They’re a human system, not a software system. My dedicated team at Simplexity has become an extension of our team and has an in depth knowledge of the business not commonly found with an outsourced resource.
— DocSend
Simplexity has been a key partner for Shippo as we have scaled. The level of support that Greg, Junior, & Walker have provided have exceeded our expectations. On top of their professionalism they are a great group of people to work with!
— Shippo
With Simplexity’s help, we organized our 
financials in order to successfully raise $500K in financing at an early stage. While we focused on growing our business, Simplexity focused on our accounting. After working together for ~1 year, we successfully raised $6MM in financing and are continuing to propel our business forward with Simplexity today.
— Solti