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Simplexity Ventures is a co-founding venture studio that helps entrepreneurs with a combination of capital, and deep strategic and tactical expertise.


We are not like most venture firms.

We invest money; but we also invest enormous amount time -- more as fractional co-founders, than normal investors. We don’t want to be the CEO; instead we want to make our CEOS better and we are designed to amicably move on when our companies reach maturity.

We prefer industries where we have hard-won experience and where we have key relationships that can change our portfolio companies’ worlds. We happen to love fintech, enterprise SaaS and healthtech.


Our fund purchases equity and we earn equity.

Our purpose is to powerfully help our entrepreneurs to found, launch, and achieve traction or to help companies go from bootstrapped success to venture scale.

We don’t collect management fees from our LPs; your company needs to win for us to win.

We are very discriminating on the company we keep.

We are always looking for two kinds of companies:


  • You are an authentic, promising entrepreneur with a big idea that addresses a big market

  • You are passionate, have domain expertise, and you are coachable.

  • So here’s how we’ve helped entrepreneurs like you:

  • We’ve found brilliant executive talent; we’ve helped build great products; we’ve landed channel partners; we’ve found first customers; we’ve brought on amazing co-investors; and we’ve helped our entrepreneurs to powerfully tell their stories.


Moving-Ladder Against a Bigger Wall Stage

  • You have proven product/market fit.
  • You’ve bootstrapped or have been remarkably capital efficient

  • Now you want to GO BIG, to raise venture and scale.

  •  So here’s how we’ve helped entrepreneurs like you:

  • We’ve renegotiated capital tables; we’ve formed new strategic plans; we’ve helped to fill out management teams; we’ve helped our entrepreneurs to powerfully tell their stories, and we’ve connected them to world-class venture investors. 

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