We are founders helping founders.

Our Purpose

At Simplexity Services, we want to see entrepreneurs build successful startups. The founders we work with have an endless list of critical responsibilities. We do our part to take accounting off that list freeing startups to focus on their products and customers.

Our Founding

We began out of necessity, originally providing accounting services to support the founders in our investment portfolio at Simplexity Venture Studio Fund.

As more and more startups and investment funds requested our help, we spun out Simplexity Services and scaled our staff and operations to support hundreds of startups and funds.

Our Culture

We are founders helping founders. All of our executives and many of our staff have extensive experiences founding, operating, and selling companies. With a genuine intellectual curiosity for startups, we strive to help our clients wherever we can be it with advice, resource, or introductions.

Working at Simplexity Services means you will play an integral role in supporting venture-backed startups as they build large, exciting, profitable businesses. Being a part of this creative energy is exciting, and we celebrate our client's success as own. 

Our International Team

Our US office is in the northern area of San Diego, CA (10 minutes north of the Downtown area)

Our Africa offices are in the culture and economic hub of Johannesburg, South Africa.

We also keep coworking spaces in Downtown San Diego, San Francisco and New York.

Our Venture Studio

Simplexity Ventures is our co-founding venture studio that helps entrepreneurs with capital, and deep strategic and tactical expertise.